Alternatives Considered

No Build Settlement Alternative

After a group of North Shore residents, activists, and surfers sued HDOT over the placement of barriers along the mauka side of Kamehameha Highway in 2014, a settlement was reached between the City and County of Honolulu (City), HDOT, and the litigants.

No Build Settlement Alternative diagram

The settlement involves allowing cars to park on the mauka side of the highway to access Laniakea Beach, and will install guardrails and crosswalks along Kamehameha Highway. Cars will enter the parking area on the Haleiwa side and will exit on the Waimea side. In addition, the City will move a cattle fence on its property mauka of the highway so that cars have room to maneuver and park. The agreement prohibits the large tour buses and vans that often shuttle tourists to Laniakea Beach from stopping there. The settlement agreement calls for a one-year trial period, but there is no deadline for the changes to take place. During the trial period, the performance of the No Build Settlement will be evaluated for its impacts on, safety, traffic, and accessibility. HDOT is not responsible for implementing this alternative and no schedule has been provided to the community.

Plan View

Pedestrian Shift Plan
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