Alternatives Considered

"Pedestrian Shift" Alternative

The "Pedestrian Shift" Alternative generally consists of realigning Kamehameha Highway mauka roughly 80 feet from its current location from the Haleiwa side of Laniakea Stream Bridge to the Haleiwa side of Kawailoa Stream Bridge, a distance of roughly 0.5 miles. A typical section of the realigned highway is provided below.

Pedestrian Shift Alternative diagram

Because the road would be shifted and guardrails installed, there would be no open area for parking mauka of the realigned highway. However, informal parking may be accommodated on the makai side of the realigned highway. Components and details of this alternative would include:

  • Naturalizing one lane of the existing Kamehameha Highway. The remaining lane would be converted to a 16-foot wide shared use path for bicycles and pedestrians.
  • A new right-of-way that is generally 120-feet wide with two 12-foot wide through lanes (one in each direction) and a 10-foot wide median refuge lane for part of the realigned distance.
  • A normal asphalt road structure with provisions on the makai edge to reduce the potential of soil erosion from under the roadway.
  • Vehicular guardrails to prevent parking on the mauka side of the shifted highway.
  • Driveways would be modified to allow access to the realigned Kamehameha Highway and vehicle control gate at Pohaku Loa Way.
  • Street lights on the mauka side of the highway.
  • New bridge at the Laniakea Stream on the mauka side of the existing Laniakea Stream Bridge.

As this alternative would take a few years to design and construct, guardrail would be installed along the mauka edge of the existing highway for the length of the project to protect the work area until the highway is realigned.

Plan View

Pedestrian Shift Plan
Download full-size PDF version of plan view