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Community Involvement

The Task Force

The State of Hawai‘i Department of Transportation would like to say, "Mahalo!" to all who applied to serve on the Task Force. The selection of members was based on creating a balance of interests and perspectives within the Task Force. The following applicants have been chosen for the project Task Force.

Task Force Members:

Antya Miller
Brian Emmons
Carol Philips
Carolyn Sandison
Chris Gardner
Dale Moore
Diane Anderson
Dolan Eversole
Douglas Cole
State Representative Richard Fale (Hawai'i House District 47)
John Desoto
John Thielst
Kalani Fronda
Kawika Au
Laura Purdy
Luann Casey
Mark Ward
Ralph Inouye
William Martin

Task Force Purpose:

The project Task Force was formed to advise, inform, and work with the State Department of Transportation planning team during project development, including the environmental review, or Environmental Assessment (EA), process.

Topics the Task Force will address include:

  • Project purpose and need (what is important to and needed by the community)
  • Highway and community context (what makes the area special)
  • Development and screening of alternatives (what could be built)
  • Develop mitigation measures (ways to lessen project impacts)

Meetings and Rules:

There will be roughly 8 Task Force meetings over a two year period. The Task Force met on February 26 and April 18, 2012, September 25, 2013, and the next meeting is scheduled for April 16, 2014, at 6:30pm at Waialua Elementary School.

The Task Force is governed by the Charter, which was finalized and accepted by the Task Force at the February 26, 2012 Task Force meeting.