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Purpose & Need

The purpose and need of a project is developed early in the planning process and identifies what the developing agency, in this case the State of Hawai'i Department of Transportation, and the project stakeholders want the project to achieve once it is complete.  Input from stakeholders, particularly during the current "scoping" period, will shape the purpose and need.  A draft of the Purpose and Need statement developed in the Department of Transportation in concert with the Task Force can be downloaded here.  The primary needs are identified as:

  • Reliability.  Address coastal erosion to improve roadway reliability.

  • Congestion.  Relieve congestion to reduce travel times through the project area.

  • Safety.  Improve safety for all modes of transportation.

  • Parking and Access.  Make allowances for the planned City parks, vehicle parking at those parks, and access to the beach from those parks.

  • Non-Auto Modes.  Provide facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

If you have any input on the project's purpose and need, please submit a comment.